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Trading Non Farm Payrolls

News based trading is one of the popular ways for day traders to trade the forex markets. While there are a number of news events that one can trade, nothing comes close to trading the non-farm payrolls. Released on the first Friday of every month at 0830 EST, the...
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Elliott wave trading

Elliott wave trading is a very unique concept in the market. Although it falls under the purview of technical analysis, the concepts of Elliott wave trading combine a mix of technical analysis and forecasting methods. At the very core, Elliott wave theory relies on...
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Using the Relative Strength Index Indicator

The Relative Strength Index indicator is one of the most widely used momentum oscillators in the financial markets. Developed by Welles Wilder, the RSI is also known as Wilder's RSI. The relative strength index is not to be confused by the relative strength indicator,...
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How to use Bollinger Bands©

Bollinger bands© explained The Bollinger bands© technical indicator was developed by John Bollinger. The indicator was introduced in the 1980's. The fact that this technical indicator is still widely used by market technicians is a testament to the effectiveness of...
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